Court Ordered Classroom

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Court Ordered Classroom LLC
234 Bullard Parkway
Temple Terrace FL 33617

Court-Ordered Classroom offers a wide variety of training classes and education session required by the courts or mandated by Florida state law.

Classes and training examples are:

The traffic-school classes that can reduce your auto insurance premiums. We have BDI / IDI/ ADA classes for drunk-driving, driving w/o a license offenses, speeding tickets and drag racing, plus the teen drug/alcohol awareness class required before a 14 y/o can get a FLA driver’s license and other “driver improvement classes”.

We also offer, the Co-Parenting class [commonly called the “divorce class”] that is required by Florida law for all separating couples with minor children, plus Court and employer-required anger management classes or Domestic Violence sessions.

If you want to get a PMP, Florida State Contractor’s License, a FL Real Estate license or take the classes required by Florida law to obtain a “concealed-weapon carry permit”, we invite you to the Court Ordered Classroom.

We are excited about our newest location, in Temple Terrace/Tampa.  We have other classrooms/offices in Lakeland, Orlando/Casselberry and Boca Raton/DelrayBeach Florida.