About Us

Welcome to  Court Ordered Classroom.    We are here to help you with online and classroom education and training sessions to met your Florida Court requirements, or pass a state-mandated licensing exam or met other education component needs.

Met our staff and the instructors at Court Ordered Classroom.

Brian Handy

Brian H

Curriculum Specialist – Chief Training Officer at  Court Ordered Classroom.com

Brian <at> Court Ordered Classroom-dot-com

Brian has been a trainer/teacher in the corporate world for many years.  He’s an expert at delivering information in a way that makes it “stick”.    The state of Florida mandates the content of your traffic school session(s), a co-parenting class, anger management training or the content of a real estate license exam.  Brian makes sure Court Ordered Classroom presents the content in a way that is informative, fun and memorable.  The court may require you to attend these classes, but they did NOT “sentence” you too hours and hours of boredom.  Let us help you successfully learn new ways to drive, respond to stress, relate to a soon to be “ex” or be confident of your knowledge, when taking industry exams.  We are here to help, and make your required training as helpful as possible.   Brian is also the “face” of our social media efforts, since he is the only one we could talk into doing it.


Lora H

Curriculum Advisor / Instructor at  Court Ordered Classroom.com

Lora has a Bachelors in Social Work from USF and is working on a Masters Degree.  She has first hand experience in dealing with children of divorce and homelessness.  She instructs many of our Florida-required Co-parenting / Family Stabilization classes, commonly called the “divorce class”.  Your attorney will tell you that each spouse is required to attend this class, before your divorce decree is final, but they often neglect to mention -WHY-.  The Florida legislature recognized that divorce has an long-term social, economic, and emotional effect on children.   The co-parenting class will NOT train you how to be a parent.  [We hope you know that already !!]   The “divorce class” teaches you how to communicate and coordinate the lives of your child(ren) going forward.  Children are not “property” to be dropped off for the weekend, or messengers who should “Tell your Mom I said….”    A divorce is never the out-come we plan on our wedding day, but the Family Stabilization class [and the family court required “parenting plan”] will help you learn how to minimize the negative effects on your kid(s).


Dennis C

Dennis is the Chief instructor for Florida Driver Training Classes.  If it has wheels and requires a license to drive it,  Dennis has probably taught someone else how to drive it. He is certified to teach all of the FDHSMV classes required by Florida traffic courts, plus Bus, chauffer, taxi, heavy-fleet, 18wheeler and other special driver licensing classes.  Dennis is also certified as a “hands-on” driving-instructor for autos, and the entire spectrum of CDL-required vehicles.

Ted Sames

Ted S

Concealed-carry weapons licensing class and Self-defense class instructor.

Ted is the President/Chief Instructor of his own training school, teaching law enforcement officers and citizens for many years.   Ted played a crucial role in integrating military and police training tectnics with practical “real-world” experience.  He was a US Army Military policeman, a Department of Energy Special Response unit member for US Nuclear Defense facilities and a Deputy Sheriff  /  Shooting range training specialist with the Hillsborough County [Florida] Sheriff’s office. Ted is a:

NRA Law Enforcement Certified instructor

IALEFAI Certified Law Enforcement weapons instructor

and a Florida “K” License certified Instructor.

Court Ordered Classroom offers all the Florida state-requirements to obtain your concealed-weapon carry permit, plus several practical self-defense classes, both with and without weapons.

Kimberly O

Kimberly is a Veteran of the U.S. Army,  having served  in Iraq, receiving a medical / honorable discharge. She came home and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies in just 2 years and will finish a Masters of Science in Forensic Behavioral Analysis, this fall.   Kimberly is a paralegal at a Guardian ad Litem office is South Florida, and a volunteer -GAL- in cases of substance abusing parents and/or children on psychotropic medications.  She aids the Court Ordered Classroom as the Director of Operations at the Toby Center for Family Transitions, a nonprofit organization. Kimberly works with high-conflict divorce, and holds a Florida certification in supervised visitation monitoring, Guardian ad Litem for Florida kids and teaches Sexual Predator Identification / Analysis.

Karen Hays

Karen H

Karen is the Chief Classroom instructor of Curriculum  and office manager for Court Ordered Classroom in Orlando / Casselberry.  She has years of experience in various classrooms.

Mark Roseman

Dr Mark R

Dr. Mark Roseman is the Founder/President  of the Toby Center for Family Transitions, a Court Ordered Classroom location in Delray Beach /Boca Raton Florida.  His program centers around the needs of families, when parents choose to separate, whether they are single, separated, just divorcing or never married.  Dr Mark’s program at the Toby Center is a national model for serving the divorcing population and their children, with locations across Florida, and in Louisiana and Massachusetts.

An educator, Dr. Roseman has worked with children and parents since 1998 when he served as an advocate for joint custody and served with David L. Levy, Esq, President Emeritus of the Children’s Rights Council (CRC) in Washington, DC.  In 2002-2008, Roseman served as Assistant Director for Child Access Services for the CRC developing training for supervised visitation and opening visitation locations in metro DC.

Roseman frequently quotes America’s foremost pioneer in child psychiatry, Dr. Karl Menninger who stated that “What children see at home, they will do to society.”  The Toby Center philosophy is that through assisting parents to be more confident and satisfied, their children will have a better opportunity to thrive.

Dr Roseman is a [multi-state] certified family mediator, specializing in high conflict divorce, parental alienation, the Florida court required “co-parenting class” and is a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE).  He also writes editorial commentary for the Huffington Post Online, and the 400 newspapers of the Knight Ridder Tribune Syndicate.

Robin M

Robin is the executive assistant to the management team of Court Ordered Classroom.  Chances are she is the “voice” you hear when you call our office to schedule your class in any of the four locations.  Robin’s team co-ordinates your class, issues the “certificates of completion” and notifies the Florida DHSMV or the courts, when you complete your class.

Suzanne 1

Suzanne C

Suzanne is the Compliance Officer and Marketing Developer  for the state-wide Court Ordered Classrooms.   If you think the court is tough on YOU, just think what they do it US.   Rules, regulations and licencing requirements, that constantly change.  Suzanne has  built several small businesses of her own, including a Foreign Student Exchange, Caregivers for Seniors and Suzanne’s Nutrition Center.  Her career has lead her to use her PR and marketing skills to supporting  political campaigns for both local and national candidates and causes.  When she is not working to grow Court Ordered Classroom, Suzanne spends her time public-speaking at round tables discussions on national issues like candidate accountability and religious freedoms.


Danica F 

Danica is “the boss”, the founder of the -Kids Need Both- Foundation and the President of the Florida Comedy Traffic School.  All of the Curriculum we teach in all four locations of  Court Ordered Classroom, must be approved and certified by the state of Florida.  Danica develops the course work, gets it approved, keeps it updated and current with the ever-changing laws and regulations too.

Before entering the field of education in January of 2005, as an adjunct instructor at Southwest Florida College, Danica’s background started 25 years ago in television production and web technologies. She started her career as a producer/scriptwriter of the nationally award-winning adventure travel show, Outdoor News Network which aired on TNN and various worldwide syndicates. That led to other shows which include World of Horses, Outdoors Across America and Petsville USA. In 1996, led by a heart for teaching, Danica co-created a children’s show for PBS called Whiskers’ Outdoor World.

As a multifaceted creative, Danica holds degrees in Web Design, a BFA in Digital Design and an M.Ed in Instructional Technology. And, is a Florida state certified instructor in Computer Science and Art K-12. She is a member of the Advertising Federation and has won Addys for her print and video work with Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, and web commercials for clients such as BIC USA, Colliers Intl and University of Phoenix.

Danica has spent that last few years teaching computer technology, video production and fine art at the elementary school level and as an adjunct professor and currently owns and manages classrooms across Central Florida that offer court ordered classes in the areas of domestic violence, co-parenting and traffic offender courses. Among her charitable causes is a feature-length grass roots documentary project which will serve to generate a conversation in the community affected by hostile aggressive parenting tactics.

Family harmony is her passion. It is Danica’s goal is to unite common advocacy groups sprinkled throughout Florida to promote happier lives and relationships.

Tim Horton

Tim H

Board Member / XO  at  Court Ordered Classroom.com

Tim is a business start-up specialist and on the Board of Directors at the Court Ordered Classroom.  He has a particular interest in driver safety.  His last “driving classes” were at the FIA-Formula One race track in England and at LeMans, France, [pictured] where they drive around for 24 Hours, in daylight and dark, rain or shine, hot or cold, during a weekend each June.   Being a safe and defensive driver on the roads in Florida actually requires some of the same skills taught to “pro-drivers”.   Surviving “the race” to work and back home, takes awareness of other cars on the road, planning for the unexpected,  controlling your “anger” and remembering that the “best” insurance, is not being involved in an incident in the first place.  Court Ordered Classroom offers all the traffic-court mandated classes you need to fulfill any Florida traffic court requirement.