Q: Why should I choose this Anger Management Course, there must be over twenty others just on the first page of a Google search?

A: We designed the course around a core belief in what we do. We have a passionate belief in our mission, and pursue perfection in our function as educators and guidance counselors. First and foremost we strive to offer our students the best and most useful information in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Our knowledge is compassion, and we can never give enough.

Q: Will this anger management course meet court or employer requirements?

A: Yes, our courses are certified and valid with Hillsboro County Clerk of Courts. In relation to employer requirements we will check ahead of time to be certain, and can provide you with an enrolment letter to send to your employer for approval.

Q: How can I Start?

A: Great question! First, click on the tab to open a free account on the site by entering a valid e-mail address and password. We will send a verification email to you, along with easy to follow instructions on how to begin.

Q: What forms of payment can I use?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as PayPal.

Q: Is the class difficult, what if I have a hard time following?

A: The class and course material was designed to be reader-friendly and easy to follow. If you ever need more help we are available to guide you, and we offer a group and individual classes in a comfortable classroom on our campus.

Q: Is there a time limit? What if I need more time to complete and exam?

A: The great thing about our courses is that there is no pressure you are free to complete the course at your own pace. If you need more time to complete an exam you can pause the session and resume when time permits.

Q: Will I have to write a lot for the exam? What kind of questions are there:

A: The exam is designed to be easy to take and uses a true-false format to review the material you have learned.

Q: Do I need to buy any other books or material for this course?

A: No, we provide all the necessary material either online or in the classroom. You do not need to bring any material for the course.

Q: Can my teenaged child take this anger management class?

A: Yes our course material is designed to be hip and easy to approach for a younger person.

Q: Will I receive a Certificate of Completion to show the Court?

A: Yes, immediately upon final payment and completion of the final exam.

Q: Are there homework assignments for the course?

A: No. All work is done either in class or online. We do however offer practice lessons for our students to try at home

Q: Can you suggest a good anger management book?

A: We recommend Anger Management for Everyone: Seven Proven Ways to Control Anger and Live a Happier Life, by Raymond Chip Tafrate, Howard Kassinove

Q: How long does a course take to complete?

A: The course can be completed in days, or over the course of weeks, for those with very busy schedules. The great benefit is that you decide how fast you finish.

Q: What is anger?

A: Anger is the way our mind and body reacts when we experience what we perceive to be threats. Our body releases adrenaline, muscles tighten, and the heart rate and blood pressure increase. Senses may feel acute and your skin around your face and hands flushed. Anger becomes a problem when it is not managed in a healthy manner.

Q: Do I need professional help for my anger?

A: Learning to control anger is a lesson that everyone needs to learn. You should definitely consider seeking help for your anger if you can’t control it.

Q: Is the course available all the time?

A: You can take your course anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you determine how much time you spend during each session.

Q: What if I have problems enrolling or with the online course?

A: You can email us and we promptly rectify the situation for you.

Q: I only have 3 days left to finish this anger management class! can I finish it that quickly?

A: Yes, however you will still be required to complete all the readings and answer each set of questions at the end of each chapter followed by a final exam. It is more up to you and your willingness to commit. You must still meet our standards when it comes to acceptable test answers.

Q: How will the court or the referring entity know that I have completed the anger management course?

A: Your certificate will be sent by email immediately upon completion of the course, and we will send a copy to the Clerk of Courts.