Florida Traffic School

Court Ordered Classroom teaches the traffic school classes you need in Florida.  We are a FDHSMV approved education provider, and our class certificates are accepted in all 67 Florida counties and all “traffic courts”.   Our “online” classes are universal to Florida courts, but so are the “in-person”, instructor-lead classroom sessions.  You could [if it is convenient for you] take a class in Orlando or Tampa  [near work], even if you live in Lakeland. A class taken while visiting family in Tampa, is valid for traffic court in Boca Raton / Delray Beach.    [Court Ordered Classroom has locations in each of those cities, with more locations to come in 2015, BTW]

Court Ordered Classroom  offers  convenient, affordable and legitimate / licenced “traffic school” classes.  We have our own 3000 sq/ft office building and DO NOT teach classes in the back room of an all-you-can-eat buffet, pancake restaurant or a random hotel room. The price you pay includes delivery of the course information, any classroom materials needed, all of the fees charged by the State of Florida [your local county court cost are NOT included], and most importantly, you’ll receive the “class completion” certificate you need, at the end of your class session.   Payments are due, before class starts (arrive 20-30 minutes early, MINIMUM, on the day of your class.)   Online classes require credit card/debit card prepayment, before the program begins.  In-person classes require cash / money orders [payable to Court Ordered Classroom].  Bring exact change. We can’t guarantee we can “break a $20”.  You will NOT be allowed to participate in any class without registration paperwork, valid ID and payment completed BEFORE the class session starts.  DO NOT BE LATE.

We offer –

* Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) class  [ this is most commonly taken as a voluntary class, to receive auto insurance discounts or “remove points” from your DL record]

* Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI)   This class can be required by the traffic court judge in your case, or you can volunteer to take this class [a limited number of times] to reduce your “points total” on a driver’s license record.

* Advanced Driving Course (ADI)   Florida is one of a few states that requires attendance in a driver / road safety class for people who’ve had their driver’s license suspended for “too many points”.  If you’ve been caught driving WITHOUT a valid license or have been designated a habitual traffic offender (HTO),  this is the “12-hour traffic school” certificate you need before returning to court.  THERE IS NO online OPTION AVAILABLE for this course.  Yes, we know that other web sites OFFER something that looks like this, but before you pay and waste your time, ask us, or check with the court.  You MUST take the 12 hour Advanced Driving Safety Course, in-person, and we strive to make it as convenient as possible.

Notice– Drivers taking the ADI class because of a suspended license or HTO designation, will receive automatic reporting of your class attendance to the Florida DHSMV.  Court Ordered Classroom submits this report within 24 hours of course completion.  If your attendance was court-ordered,  YOU must physically turn in your ORIGINAL certificate to the court on or before your deadline date.   Court Ordered Classroom provides a “certificate of completion” at the end of each class. You will be given an “original”, plus a “copy” for your records. We are not allowed to submit these certificates to any traffic court for you.

* Teen Driver START Drug and Alcohol awareness class –   This is the 4 hour Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course required of all “new” drivers.   Court Ordered Classroom offers a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV] approved class.  Teenagers in Florida START their driver’s education at the Court Ordered Classroom , as soon as they turn 14 years old. This is the driver’s training certificate you will need to present, BEFORE receiving a first-time Class E “learner’s permit” driver license.  Some older drivers (getting a license for the first time) may be required to take this course too, under some circumstances.

If you are a parent, HERE’s WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:   This is not the driver education class you may remember.  The Federal and state motor vehicle departments (including Florida DHSMV) learned that the “scary” classes with horrific pictures and 16mm films of car crashes did nothing to educate new drivers.  The state-approved ciricullum taught at the Court Ordered Classroom includes videos and animation, not page after page of boring, dull statistics.  Your teen driver will see realistic traffic situations, offering “options” and showing the differing results of each choice.  The ability to visualize the traffic situation(s) makes this a much more instructional class, showing new drivers, not just how to avoid “a crash”, but understanding the situations that put them at higher risk of a crash.

 Court Ordered Classroom will AUTOMATICALLY report your teen’s class participation/ completion to the Florida DHSMV.  It is done within 24 hours. We recommend you wait AT LEAST another business day before you go to the driver license office to apply for his/her Class E “learner’s permit” driving  license.  [this allows “Tallahassee” time  to insert the record into the database that your local DMV officer will see.]  A “class completion certificate” is not “proof” of class participation.  Once the driver license examiner confirms the state’s record of your teen taking the course, he/she can complete the other requirements: taking a driving skills and “rules of the road” knowledge tests.

 NOTICE:  The name of this course does NOT mean it can be taken for an “impaired” or DUI traffic offense.

* Aggressive Driver Class  –  Court Ordered Classroom offers this Florida-state mandated “instructor-lead” 8 hour traffic school class to drivers who are required by the court to attend, then return with a “certificate of completion”.

Most Florida traffic courts will require this class, if you are found to be:

– Ticketed for “street racing” or driving / participating in organized “drag racing” on public roads.

– if you have multiple / sequential speeding violations within a short period of time.

– if you are ticketed by an officer for aggressive driving or contributing to an accident by aggressive driving.

– This class can be required as part of many court orders at pre-sentencing, as part of a pre-trial requirement, or as a pre-trial diversion agreement and other traffic and family court programs.

NOTICE – This class is NOT available “online” by Florida court agreement.  You MUST attend in-person to complete the class and receive the “completion certificate”.  Yes, we are aware that some websites are “selling” this class, online.  Call us , or check with your court, before wasting your time and money on a “guaranteed” class, with loop-holes in the promises.   This class does NOT replace the 8 Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) Class listed above or theAdvanced Driving Course (ADI) class required for Driving While License is Suspended.

The Aggressive Driver Class is state-mandated to be 8 hours of instruction.  The Court Ordered Classroom ciriculm is approved by the Florida DHSMV and moves quickly.  This is NOT the boring “traffic school” from funny TV shows or some teen movie.  Driver awareness of mind-states and the expected actions of other drivers on the road can lead to a better driving record.  This is NOT 8 hours of “preaching” or telling you how bad your driving is.  You will learn new, useful skills to better handle traffic situations and see how to modify current driving behavior(s) to reduce the likelihood of another traffic citation or accident.