Self Defense Class

Are you prepared?  Crime happens.  It is sad, but true, in today’s world.  It doesn’t matter if you are “targeted”  or are just in the wrong place at the wrong time,  you can be prepared.

The Court Ordered Classroom is proud to offer a personal self-defense class specifically design  for your lifestyle.   There is no need to become a “Kung-Fu master” like you see on TV.   Most assaults are unexpected and “over in seconds”, but can have lasting emotional and physical repercussions.   Be Prepared.

Take the FA-JIN Explosive Power Course at the Court Ordered Classroom building in Temple Terrace.  This is a 4 hour class designed to give you real-world skills to defend yourself and survive the most likely threats to your safety.   You will not learn to be a “karate-expert”,[no one really needs that.]  You just want to be able to successful defend  yourself and get away from the threat and survive.

In the real world of street crime,  the first 3 seconds decides the outcome of most criminal attacks.  Will you be a victim or the victor in this incredibly short amount of time?   Use those initial seconds of contact with your attacker  wisely.  The goal isn’t to perform a fancy martial arts demonstration. You want to defend yourself and remove yourself / get distance away from the threat.

The only requirements for this class are:   All students must be in good health and physical condition relative to their ages.  We specialize in real-world training for women, children over 14,  older people who live independently, people in wheelchairs and others.

Student will not receive training on fancy katas or get  a “colored-belt”.  There are no complicated “throws” or pinning someone to the ground to “score points”.  This class teaches explosive full contact strikes and kicks [using a heavy punching bag and/or the instructor outfitted in a protective suit].  Students learn defense and how to escape /remove themselves from dangerous situations.   Let law enforcement deal with the attacker, You must first escape and survive.

The FA-Jin explosive power self-defense course is ideal for those who want confidence, without becoming a certified Martial Artist.   This class is full of real world, practical tools you can learn and remember easily.   Learn methods to quickly evade, kick and strike the rapist, stalker, street-thug or kidnapper, and  create time and distance to escape.  .

The National Center for Victims of Crimes has a report with interesting statistics related to assault crimes in the USA

In the latest report:

> 3.4 million people [over 18] were stalked. [of these, 2.5 million were women]

>there were over 200 thousand rapes/assaults on victims age 12 to 18

> college and university campuses have become danger-zones, 3% of all violent crimes happen on a campus.

> The rate of sexual victimization of people 16-24 was double that of every other age group, but over 55 is the fastest growing victim group.

> 40 percent of all sexual assaults occurred in the victim’s home or less than one block away.

Court Ordered Classroom can help you be prepared with this FA-JIN Explosive Power Course.  You won’t be a super-hero, a vigilanty, a kung-fu master or look like the actors on TV [those moves are actually NOT helpful in the real world]  What you WILL learn is how to defend yourself in your home, in the parking lot at work, walking through the mall, in the hallway or elevator of an office building, all the real-world places that place you are in danger.